Product Sampling Services

EXECUTIONAL are a highly experienced and client recommended product sampling specialist with multichannel experience in planning, creating and implementing amazing experiential sampling campaigns. We provide highly targeted product sampling campaigns across the UK backed up with comprehensive activity reporting. Specialising in activating sampling experiences in shopping centres, supermarkets, train stations and creating experiential sampling roadshows. Trust a RAR+ Recommend Agency with your next product sampling campaign and contact EXECUTIONAL today.


If you would like to know more about EXECUTIONAL and how we can help with your product sampling needs, get in touch today on 0845 680 97 29 or email and one of the team will be happy to help.

Supermarket Sampling

Reach your potential customers at point of purchase sampling newly listed ranges, updated product lines or products on trial with an experiential sampling campaign at major supermarkets across the UK. EXECUTIONAL provide sampling for brands listed in major supermarkets but are also chosen by supermarkets themselves to implement their own sampling campaigns.


EXECUTIONAL provide experiential supermarket sampling, creating amazing sampling experiences from high visibility branded event areas and promotional sampling vehicles. We provide cooked, chilled and ambient sampling programmes to drive trial and sales of your products. Our supermarket sampling campaigns are overseen by experienced event managers and brand ambassadors, backed up with extensive campaign management and reporting. (more…)

Shopping Centre Product Sampling

Sample to consumers inside shopping centres across the UK with engaging experiential events to advise, educate and inform your customers of new product launches. Use a highly rated sampling partner trusted by many of the UK’s leading brands and agencies.


We provide product sampling events within shopping centres across the whole of the UK. With eXecutional offering the total service; sourcing experiential event spaces, using our own sampling teams, the design and build of events spaces backed up with comprehensive product training and activity reporting. (more…)

Event & Exhibition Sampling

Sample your product to thousands of visitors at consumer & lifestyle exhibitions, county shows, food fairs or create your own amazing sampling events in any UK location. eXecutional have a wealth of experience in organising and attending exhibitions for our customers. We know what is needed to plan and implement successful experiential sampling promotions.


Event product sampling allows you to sample your product to large volumes of people from a single high footfall location. We can help to choose the events, design and build the event stand and train our product sampling staff to run the entire promotion. Where needed we can even monetise the programme too, offering sales at the event to maximise your return return on investment. (more…)

Train Station Product Sampling

Train station sampling places your product into the hands of thousands of commuters during their daily travels. From eye-catching experiential sampling events on train station concourses to tactical  sampling teams targeting commuters as they enter and exit the station. eXecutional are a highly recommended sampling agency, representing many of the countries leading brands for their sampling campaigns.


Train station sampling reaches hundreds and thousands of consumers through well planned and throughout experiential sampling campaigns. We provide sampling both inside and outside of main train and tube stations across the UK. Covering all major overground and underground stations allows eXecutional to cherry pick the most relevant locations to your target audience. (more…)

Tactical Sampling Campaigns

Tactical sampling provides a highly targeted sampling outreach campaign, which can take place across any UK location at any time. Easily maximising campaign budget effectiveness and creating huge brand awareness and trial of your product. Choose a highly experienced and RAR+ recommended agency to run your tactical sampling campaign.


Tactical sampling allows your product to reach the exact consumer audience you require. Often suited to ambient or packaged products which need limited preparation before sampling can take place. The sampling is activated by our fully trained experiential promotional teams overseen by experiential event managers. They actively distribute samples to your target audience and communicate key brand messages to consumers. Tactical sampling works most effectively with high volumes of distribution, as an example distributing a packaged snack product in a busy city centre shopping environment to thousands of people whilst actively advising consumers of where and how they can purchase the product. (more…)

Product Sampling Roadshows

Experiential sampling roadshows provide highly visible campaigns across multiple towns and cities over a sustained sampling programme reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers. Roadshows drive brand awareness and reach consumers who ordinarily may not be aware of your product by placing your product into the hands of consumers.


Product sampling roadshows are usually a longer duration campaign where a promotion tours key towns and cities within the UK. Our tours take place from branded experiential vehicles or rigs; made or adapted for the purpose of your sampling. These can include facilities to prepare cooked food, maintain cold storage for chilled products or simply house the sampling stock for ambient or packaged products. Each campaign we create is bespoke and built around the brand and product needs and importantly your budget. (more…)