Product Sampling Guide – Part 1

Welcome to the first instalment of our Product Sampling guides. Part 1 of our guide gives an overview of the things to consider when planning your product sampling campaign. This first part of the guides is designed to give you the information you need to start planning a successful product sampling campaign. What Do You Want...Read More

Product Sampling Guide – Part 2

The second instalment of our product sampling guides covers experiential supermarket sampling. This delves into more detail with regards to this specific type of product sampling activity. Product Sampling Guide – Part 2 Before we start there is one main caveat to experiential supermarket sampling activity, which is that your product must be or about...Read More

Student Marketing Guide – Part 1

Exams are over, results are in, graduating students are on their way into the world and 1st & 2nd years on their way home for summer, all meaning universities will be empty from now until September. EXECUTIONAL has years of experience in student marketing, going right back to the university days of running student promotions...Read More

Student Marketing Guide – Part 2

It’s August and students are spending their summer at home/Ibiza/muddy festivals/Camp America (delete as applicable). So as we said in the July’s Student Marketing Guide, there is no better time to start planning your brand’s student promotion. After talking about planning for your student marketing campaign in the July blog, it is now time for...Read More

Reaching Students – On Campus

Reaching Students – At University & College (On Campus)… After discussing off-campus activity in the last edition of the Reaching Students Guide, we now turn our attention to on campus. We will guide you through the differences between on and off campus, the type of activity your brand should be looking to run, how to increase...Read More

Reaching Students – Off Campus

Reaching Students – At University & College (Off Campus)… In this first instalment of the Reaching Students Guides, we look at ways to engage with students outside of their university or college campus (aka off-campus). This includes which campus to target, where to go,  what to do and important hints and tips to make this...Read More

Reaching Students – Socialising

Reaching Students – Socialising In our last guide, we covered Reaching Students Throughout Student Areas and we touched on engaging with students through student bars, pubs and social locations. In this instalment, we delve a little deeper into student’s socialising time and provide further suggestions on reaching students at these activity locations. Where To Go? Student...Read More

Reaching Students – In Student Areas

Reaching Students – Throughout Student Areas Moving on from our last guide, we now look at activity suggestions when students are away from home and not busy studying at University. Surrounding each university campus there is a thriving local economy serving the local student community. So in this latest instalment, we look at what can...Read More

Reaching Students – At Home

Reaching Students – At Their Student Home… In previous guides, we have discussed the options of reaching Students around their chosen university or college campus, but what about when they are not at lectures? What about reaching students in the early evening or weekends? This new guide looks at the options of reaching students when they...Read More

Reaching Consumers – On The High Street

Reaching Consumers – On The High Street This is our new instalment of Experiential Audience Guides, which this time looks at engaging with consumers. Our first instalment covers experiential activity on the high street leading on into other guides covering other key shopping locations including within shopping centres, inside stores and at out of town retail...Read More

Reaching Professionals Guide – On Their Way Home

Reaching Professionals – On Their Way Home… We have provided a guide to reaching professionals on the way to work, but now it’s time to look at on the way home. So in this page of the Reaching Professional series of guides, we look at targeting professionals before they head home and the subtle differences...Read More

Reaching Professionals Guide – After Work Drinks

Reaching Professionals – After Work Drinks… In this instalment of our Reaching Professionals guides, we take a look at engaging with professionals after work – outside and throughout bars, pubs and restaurant areas. We will discuss what options you have and the important elements to think about when planning this type of promotional activity. Where to...Read More

Reaching Professionals – On Their Lunch

Reaching Professionals – On Their Lunch… Following on from our previous Reaching Professionals guides, this time we look at promotional activity engaging with business professionals during their lunch breaks and what high impact activity can help engage and involve during this sacred hour(ish) in the middle of their busy day. Where to go… Busy Town / City...Read More

Reaching Professionals Guide – In Their Offices

Reaching Professionals – In Their Offices… In this instalment of our Reaching Professionals guides we take a look at engaging with professionals inside their place of work: at their desks, in break out areas, in receptions, etc. We will discuss what you can achieve and the important things to consider when planning promotional activity within...Read More

Reaching Professionals – On Their Way To Work

Reaching Professionals – On Their Way To Work… In this edition of the Reaching Professionals series of our promotional marketing guides, we take a look at the morning commute into work, where professionals are fighting through the rush to make it to their desk on time. How do you reach them and make an impact...Read More

Guerrilla Marketing or Monkey Business?

After a number of client conversations on how EXECUTIONAL view guerrilla marketing, discussing the pros, the cons and potential legal ramifications, we wanted to take some time in our blog to discuss guerrilla marketing in full. So What is Guerrilla Marketing? Guerrilla marketing is an activity that looks to circumvent the permissions or permits required...Read More