The Brief:

To provide a nationwide sampling network across key Budgens stores

We were tasked with providing sampling staff for a full-service UK wide activation, launching a new product line and educating staff and consumers with supplementary information.

What We Did

  • Face-to-face training day including preparation of all materials for the campaign
  • Presenting a trial activation to the Budgens network of retailers prior to the first live day
  • All sampling equipment and supplementary logistics
  • Engaging with the site staff about the product lines and providing supplementary information
  • All branding and printed materials
  • Lasting working relationship with multiple brand activations
  • Provided a detailed web-based reporting platform with quantified sampling information and collated staff feedback

Campaign Overview

 UK-wide in-store sampling activations for new product ranges

This campaign began as a single activation, before evolving into a nationwide in-store sampling campaign. A face-to-face training and preparation day was followed by presenting a trial to the network of Budgens retailers as this was the initial launch of tasting at a national level – meaning that each site knew what to expect from the team, along with information on the range that they were sampling. We allowed the retailers to select their preferred sampling days through a web-based portal and allocated regional managers to manage locations.

The activity took place over 500+ sampling days across two phases. Each store completely sold out of the products being sampled despite a considerable lift in-store stock for the sampling activity. This was backed up with over 500 completed activity evaluations, all hosted in live private web-based reports.