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Camden Town Brewery Harvest Hells

Having previously worked on a touring office sampling campaign for Camden Town Brewery we were tasked with the staffing, implementation and logistics for Harvest Hells Lager mini-tour.

Campaign Video

Campaign Details

Camden Town Harvest Hells

Touring across event spaces over the course of a week-long mini-tour, our event manager, drove the Harvest Hells event vehicle to designated towns and cities in the UK. There, the team set up the swap “A Can For A Can” event, allowing members of the public to swap a can of food for a can of Harvest Hells. Post activity our event manager dropped off the collected food donations to local food banks in the neighbouring area.

What We Did

  • Dedicated touring event manager with Personal Licence.
  • Local brand ambassadors to each event.
  • Storage & handling of all beer stock and point of sale.
  • Bespoke campaign video shared within 24 hours of the campaign.




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