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Claiming Expenses

Processing Expenses

How Expenses Work

We offer expenses on certain activities if the job permits. This may be a contribution towards your travel costs due to the work taking place in an undesirable location, or to cover food costs if you are staying away from home for the night. These expenses will always be pre-approved at time of booking with your booker, and must be claimed on the ‘Claim’ section of our Watu App (see picture below) with a valid receipt within 3 months of the live shift of which they pertain to.

Expense Claims

Mileage Claim

Car mileage is the only expense that we can pay without a receipt.

To claim your car mileage you must:

  • Claim the amount agreed with your booker
  • Outline the number of miles you travelled, stating the address you started your journey from, and address of the location you worked (your mileage is calculated from home, to work and back home again)
  • If there are any other costs that go alongside driving your own car such as parking or bridge tolls, you must agree this with your booker before your shift and you must have an image of your receipt/parking ticket to upload for your claim
Oyster Cards & Other Pre-Payment Services

If you use an Oyster card/monthly bus ticket for your travel, we cannot accept receipts that don’t match the date of your travel. Both your Oyster card online account and the Oyster card app allow you to see all of your journeys, the date you travelled and the cost of the journey. From here you can then screenshot the relevant information to attach to your expense claim.

Anything Else (public transport, taxis, food etc)

Other expenses may be required such as public transport costs, taxi fares or overnight food subsidies. To claim these you must agree this with your booker before your shift and have a valid receipt.

To claim any additional expenses you must:

  • Upload an image of your receipt along with your claim
  • Ensure the image shows the monetary value of the expense of which you are claiming
  • Clearly show the date and location of the purchase




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