The Way Expenses Work

Recently we’ve had an internal expenses audit and we wanted to re-confirm the process for claiming expenses. Please note this information is always available on any briefing information received as part of your confirmed booking.

Mileage Claim

Car mileage is the only expense that we can pay without a receipt.

To claim your car mileage you must:

  • Claim the amount agreed with your booker before your shift
  • Outline the number of miles you travelled and state the address you started your journey from, and address of the location you worked. Your mileage is calculated from home, to work and back home.
  • If there are any other costs that go alongside driving your own car such as parking, you must agree to this with the booker before your shift and you must have an image of your receipt/parking ticket to upload for your claim.
  • Easy way? Run your travel through Google Maps and screenshot the full journey – simply upload that to complete your claim.

Other e.g public transport, taxis, food etc:

Any form of expense for must be claimed alongside an image of your receipt and again must be agreed with your booker prior to your shift. During your claim, you need to upload an image of the valid ticket or use the webcam functionality to take a photo of it. You can upload multiple photos/receipts to a single claim by claiming and then selecting a new expense against that shift.

Your receipt must:

  • Show the monetary value of the personal expense that you are wishing to claim.
  • Clearly, show the date & matching location to your shift.

Oyster cards and other pre-payment services:

If you use an Oyster card/monthly bus ticket etc. for your travel, we cannot accept receipts that don’t match to the date of your travel. The Oyster Card app allows you to see all of your journeys, the date you travelled and the cost of the journey.

This is what the screenshot of an ideal claim should look like:

If you do not do any of the above, your expense will be declined. Once an expense is declined there is no way of us reverting this back for you to reclaim due to Watu settings, so please be vigilant and ensure you are doing all of the above before submitting.