Looking for costumed character staff to create fun and visibility on your promotional campaign? EXECUTIONAL have the right candidates for the role and also provide a range of costumes for your promotion from fancy dress to bespoke costumed characters.

Make an impact with Costumed Character Staff…

Costumed characters really help to add to any promotion whether it is a sampling campaign, leaflet distribution or a sports event. EXECUTIONAL provide costumed character staff to campaigns and events across the whole of the UK. We only select experienced costume staff members that really have the outgoing drive and energy to give what it takes to make the costumed character campaign a success.

Costumed Character Staff: what’s included…

  • Nationwide Costumed Character Staff

  • Experienced, Fun, Outgoing Staff

  • Detailed Selection Process

  • Comprehensive Briefing For The Staff

  • Costumed Characters Are Always On Brand & On Time

  • Cost Effective Themed Staffing Rates

Costumed Character Staff Selection

Based on years of experience booking costumed character staff we understand the type of candidate that excels as a costumed staff member. EXECUTIONAL uses a state of the art database, along with knowledge of our staff to be able to select the ones that will be right for each campaign. Costumed campaigns need proactive staff members that can really be outgoing and get into character, and we find the right costume staff to do this.

Costumed Character Staff: Briefing

We see costume role as adding extra excitement and buzz around a promotion rather than simply distributing promotional materials and the staff member needs to be given a brief to help this. EXECUTIONAL make sure that costumed staff really understand their role, how they should act, what they should say and anything else that can help add to the campaign.

Managing Your Costumed Staff

Whether the costumed character staff member is working alone or as part of a larger team overseen by one of our event managers, EXECUTIONAL are always here to manage the staff. The EXECUTIONAL head office team are available 24/7 to ensure that our staff are online and on-time regardless of day or night.