Event product sampling allows you to sample your product to large volumes of people from a single high footfall location. Similar to our city centre sampling there are two options for sampling, static and roaming event product sampling. We will advise on best event product sampling technique for your brand.

Sample Your Products To Event Attendees…

Where required our event product sampling campaigns include official permissions to sample within the event. EXECUTIONAL build relationships with event organisers to negotiate the most cost-effective rates to attend the event. We see two ways of sampling at events including:

Roaming product sampling teams can be used where you are looking for a high volume distribution based product sampling campaign, usually where the sampling needs little to no preparation (think breakfast bar, milkshake etc). The teams can circulate the event distributing samples to visitors throughout the sampling day.

Static product sampling is suitable for where the product being sampled needs preparation (think soup, cooked food etc). The product sampling will be based on a static promotional display or branded sampling vehicle which is fully self-contained and has a great scope for preparing fresh product samples. Our product sampling teams will pro-actively off samples to people as they pass the event product sampling stand.

Your account manager will provide you best possible solution for your city centre product sampling campaign often utilising a combination of the approaches.

Event Product Sampling: what we do…

  • Experienced Product Sampling Staff

  • Comprehensive Briefing For All Staff

  • Organisation Of Product Sampling Space

  • 100% Official Permissions To Sample

  • All Logistical Considerations

  • Detailed On-line Activity Reports

  • Industry Leading Rates With No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

Planning Your Event Product Sampling

We include every conceivable detail into our product sampling campaigns, from staffing to space management even down to the finest details of product storage and logistics  Our experienced account managers will guide you through the event product sampling process to ensure you have the most amazing and cost-effective campaign possible.

Implementing Your Sampling Campaign

Utilising our nationwide event managers and product sampling staff our regional managers will ensure your product samplers are fully trained before any product sampling commences. In certain circumstances the product samplers will require Food Hygiene Certification or other specific skills that are listed in our staffing database. We host central or regional training days where we not only deliver product information training to our product samplers but also demonstrate how cooked or ambient product samples need to be presented to customers.

Reporting On Your Event Product Sampling

Your account manager will discuss the best strategy for reporting on your product sampling. Offering private online activity reporting blogs of detailed data matrix portals we will have a reporting solution matched to your needs.