Experiential Roadshows & Activations

Working as an implementation partner for experiential roadshows, tours, and activations nationwide for some of the country’s leading brands and their agencies.

Experiential roadshows create memorable, highly visible brand experiences. Stimulating word of mouth recommendation, brand recall, social media engagement and driving reach beyond the activation. We act as an implementation partner for brands and their agencies, with over 10 years experience successfully delivering experiential campaigns.

We have extensive experience in planning and implementing nationwide experiential tours and activations, complying with all local council rules and regulations. Alongside this, we can also support your campaign with logistics, storage and production of promotional assets.

Our professional fully briefed event managers and promotional staff can work across a multitude of locations to deliver your experiential tours and roadshows successfully. We can simply support your existing tour with product samplers, event staff or brand ambassadors wherever required.

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