Experiential Roadshows & Activations

Working as an implementation partner for experiential roadshows, tours, and activations nationwide for some of the country’s leading brands and their agencies.

Experiential roadshows create memorable, highly visible brand experiences. Stimulating word of mouth recommendation, brand recall, social media engagement and driving reach beyond the activation. We act as an implementation partner for brands and their agencies, with over 10 years experience successfully delivering experiential campaigns.
We have extensive experience in planning and implementing nationwide experiential tours and activations, complying with all local council rules and regulations. Alongside this, we can also support your campaign with logistics, storage and production of promotional assets.
Our professional fully briefed event managers and promotional staff can work across a multitude of locations to deliver your experiential tours and roadshows successfully. We can simply support your existing tour with product samplers, event staff or brand ambassadors wherever required.

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Experiential Roadshows

Experiential roadshows take your brand right across the UK and provide consumers with a experience that engages and excites. Read more on how EXECUTIONAL can help tour your experiential roadshows to events, high streets, shopping centres and anywhere you need across the UK.

Promotional Staff

EXECUTIONAL provide experienced promotional staff across the UK and Northern Ireland, covering all major towns and cities. We recruit, manage and train all our own staff allowing for seamless candidate profiling and selection for your booking.

Product Sampling Roadshows

Product sampling roadshows are used to tour your product sampling promotion across the country. Product sampling roadshows visit multiple locations from city centres, supermarkets, sports events, shopping centres and county shows creating a huge impact and brand awareness for your products.

Event Managers

Experienced promotional event managers help to make your campaign run smoothly on the ground. EXECUTIONAL recruit, manage and train all our own event managers allowing us to provide staff to be part of campaigns across UK and Northern Ireland, covering all major towns and cities.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors allow every detail of your brand to be passed on to your target audience. EXECUTIONAL recruit, manage and train all our own promotional staff in every city of the UK. This allows us to be confident you are getting the right brand ambassador for your promotional campaign.

Experiential Event Staff

EXECUTIONAL have confident experiential event staff ready to support your next event. Are you planning an experiential event, such as a roadshow across the UK and need extra event staff to support your activity? Get in touch to see how EXECUTIONAL can help.

Vehicles & Equipment

Before we dive into the details of what experiential vehicles and promotional equipment we can supply, a quick word on how we operate. Many of our customers are other agencies, agencies who may have overall responsibility for the overarching creative or narrative of the campaign.

Event Space Booking

It may be the slightly duller side of what we do but without question one of the most important aspects of any campaign is making sure it can actually happen in the first place.

Staff Training

Promotional staff training provides the tools needed for promotional staff to accurately engage with your target audience. EXECUTIONAL host and create training days for customers nationwide. We can be involved as much or as little as needed. Click through to read how we do it.

Staff Management

Promotional staff management is the basis for a successful promotional booking or campaign. EXECUTIONAL provide 24/7 support and management of our promotional staff for every single promotional marketing campaign we run. Read more to see how we do it.

Logistics & Storage

EXECUTIONAL regularly help with campaigns which need more than just staffing – assisting with logistics and storage, amongst a range of other design, build and implementation. As a doing agency, we understand how important these intrinsic nuts and bolts are to the success of any campaign.