It may be one of the most basic forms of promotional marketing but in over 10 years of EXECUTIONAL and for many of our head office team well before that, there has not been a single campaign that in some form does not use a leaflet or flyer for take-home information. Flyer distribution is still really popular, it may seem a touch prehistoric in comparison to a social media campaign but there is nothing more effective than a leaflet in the hand of a potential customer alongside a considered statement from a flyer distributor. It’s also surprising how flyer distribution is often used to ultimately drive digital engagement; driving app downloads, membership acquisition, online competition entry or a basic web traffic boost. However, we feel the ultimate use for flyer distribution staff is for the high volume spread of information and we often work in the following locations.

Place Flyer Distribution Staff At:

  • Commuter Links – targeting commuters on their way to and from work during peak commuter times at the main entrances and exits of tube, train and bus stations.
  • City Centres – cherry picking key flyer distribution locations within towns and cities to distribute materials during shopping and socialising times.
  • Universities – targeting students at Universities and Colleges during peak mid-week study times.
  • Events – targeting a very specific audience by using well-briefed flyer distribution staff in key distribution locations.

Just Remember…

EXECUTIONAL will advise on permits or licences as part of our planning process and if needed all materials can be sent directly to our warehouse to be picked, packed and sent out to our local flyer distribution staff. Or they can pick them up, it’s totally up to you. We can also advise on branded clothing, mobile billboards and other high visibility additions to make your flyer distribution team really stand out from the crowd.