Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution


Whilst this may seem a touch antiquated in days of digital media, there has not been a single campaign in the history of EXECUTIONAL that has not featured some type of take-home printed material or flyer. Be that as a supplementary piece of information, a call to action or the sole focus of the leafleting campaign. Our flyer distribution service is still a hugely popular cost-effective marketing strategy for our customers.

Our Flyer Distribution Staff

Working nationwide from our promotional staffing hubs we have flyer distribution staff who cover the whole of the UK. All promo staff are handpicked based on their working experiences and are fully briefed prior to their first day of activity. We spend time working with our customers to create detailed briefing information which our distribution staff communicate to members of the public as they distribute their leaflets. We closely manage their attendance, location and all staff complete post-activity evaluation which forms part of our activity reporting for our customers.

Flyer Distribution

Activity Locations

EXECUTIONAL work with our potential customers to carefully select activity locations based on either their intended target audience or a specific event they wish to target. This way we can position our brand ambassadors in the correct location at the right time of day:

   City Centre Shopping Areas

EXECUTIONAL provide city centre leaflet distribution across all UK towns and cities and everywhere in between. We have extensive experience in planning and implementing city centre flyer distribution complying with all local council rules and regulations.

   Commuter Links

Commuter link leaflet distribution is a high impact, low-cost marketing tool to reach consumers on their way to work, university/college or key city centre shopping areas. EXECUTIONAL can create highly targeted commuter leaflet distribution campaigns at commuter links nationwide, focusing on reaching a certain area, audience or simply the many thousands of commuters that pass through train, tube and bus stations daily.


Event leaflet distribution is a great way to reach thousands of attendees through a targeted promotional campaign – utilising the high footfall, proximal area and commuter links, and ability to target an audience through the events attended.


Student leaflet distribution is a low-cost high impact marketing tool to advertise to students during their time at university. EXECUTIONAL can create highly targeted student flyer distribution campaigns at universities and colleges across the UK.

   Can You Hand Out Leaflets In The Street?

We often get asked can you hand out leaflets in the street and the simple answer is, it depends. This is all based on the local council policies with regards to consent to distribute free printed matter. We know that sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but ever since a tweak in the Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act, it has meant that councils operate different permissions to distribute leaflets across the country. At EXECUTIONAL we have a database of the requirements for each area. So we can advise on what is classified as designated land for leaflet distribution and advise accordingly. This way you avoid any negative press or fixed penalty fines.

Do You Need A Permit To Hand Out Flyers?

Permits & Permissions

For some locations in the UK, you need to wear a permit to hand out flyers. This usually takes the form of an annual or monthly scheme where our flyer distribution team have to wear a permit to show that the activity has been sanctioned. This does not apply to all cities and towns in the UK. So, if you have a question, please get in touch and we can advise on the local authority rules for the distribution of free printed material.