EXECUTIONAL regularly help with campaigns which need more than just staffing – assisting with logistics and storage, amongst a range of other design, build and implementation. As a doing agency, we understand how important these intrinsic nuts and bolts are to the success of any campaign. After all the devil is in the detail and we know exactly what is needed for a seamless campaign:

Campaign Setup & Testing

Prior to larger campaigns EXECUTIONAL always setup and test any branded stands or equipment. This includes setting up of all branding and equipment, PAT testing & breakdown. As we have all worked it the field, it is surprising how little this happens before activities begin. We also make sure that the event management team fully understand how every conceivable element works and is meant to be handled. Not only does this reduce setup time on each event day, it also extends the longevity of the campaign materials during logistics and storage between events.

Chilled & Frozen Logistics

Some campaigns require centralised chilled or frozen storage of products samples on an ongoing basis. We have a network of logistics and storage depots across the country allowing for complete UK reach. Alongside the logistics and storage hubs, we provide a full complement of support vehicles including frozen and chilled vans to allow delivery from hub to each live day.