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Office Product Sampling

Office Product Sampling
Business To Business Office Campaign

Sample your products into offices with a business to business office product sampling campaign targeting office workers during their daily work. EXECUTIONAL can supply both tactical (cold visits) or static office (pre-arranged) product sampling activity within business locations.

Create Engaging Office Product Sampling Campaigns

Tactical Office Sampling…

Involves visiting the businesses cold and offering employees samples within their workplace. This is best suited to be product samples that need little to no preparation for example an ambient product such as a breakfast drink.

A Static Campaign…

You could sample within the business canteen or foyer area from a branded sampling stand. This will need advanced organisation either handled by EXECUTIONAL or the brand directly. Your account manger can recommend the best approach for your office product sampling.

What we do…

Experienced Product Sampling Staff
Comprehensive Briefing For All Staff
Organisation Of Official Permissions Where Required
Isolating Target Business Types
All Logistical Considerations
Detailed On-line Activity Reports
Industry Leading Rates With No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

Planning Your Office Product Sampling Campaign

Your office product sampling will be expertly planned to correctly isolate your target businesses. EXECUTIONAL can handle the entire process even advising on the type of samples that will be best suited to this type of activity. Your account manager will create a bespoke office product sampling proposal detailing exactly what we will do including recommendations on product sample volumes, timings, branded clothing and materials.

Implementing Your Office To Office Sampling

EXECUTIONAL provide experienced product samplers who will be fully trained on the product that they are sampling. They will verbalise key information such as flavours and ingredients as they perform the office product sampling. From the simplest campaign requiring only our product samplers through to a complex multi location office product sampling campaign, every member of staff will be completely managed by our regional managers and experienced team leaders.

Reporting On Your Office Product Sampling

Your account manager will discuss the best strategy for reporting on your sports event product sampling. Offering private on-line activity reporting blogs of detailed data matrix portals we will have a reporting solution matched to your needs.

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