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Sampling Bins

Promotional Sampling Bins

Sampling bins are perfect for outdoor activities on high streets, in city centres and at festivals and events. They make a sampling activity easy to carry out with a simple to transport option for storing and distributing lots of stock at once.

Branding Options For Sampling Bins

Our sampling bins are fully brandable, with a large surface area available for your artwork to be printed onto vinyl wrapping, covering the whole of the outside of the bins. The plastic outer of the bins can be any colour, whether that be the standard navy blue or changed to match your preferred brand colours to better complement the artwork.

The reasons our bins are much more practical than the standard bin is the logistical benefits. All of our bins are on wheels. They can be easily moved from one place to the other, which means they can be used for roaming sampling activities around city centres as well as being stationary on event stands. The bins and adhesive vinyl are made to a high quality. They are durable and can be used time and time again for future campaigns. They can be re-wrapped in the future with new branding if your artwork is specific to one event or promotion only.

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How Promotional Sampling Bins Can Impact Your Campaign

When handing out product samples, one of the many challenges can be how close you are to where your stock is stored. Promotional Sampling Bins minimise this issue by offering you a well-presented, on brand storage option at the very place you are interacting with and sampling to customers. Usually, in cases where large quantities of samples are being distributed throughout the day, we would recommend the use of a logistics partner to collect stock from your storage facility, drive it to the event location, and re-stock the bins when necessary.

Street Sampling

We previously worked with Philadelphia where sampling bins were used to distribute 250,000 samples of cheese across 21 event days. The use of 4 sampling bins (per team) kept the cheese cool enough to serve and meant that the chilled logistics partner only had to make a small number of drops instead of bringing thousands of samples with nowhere safe to store them at the event location.

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Outdoor Events

During the Arla Protein #takestrength campaign, 4 sampling bins were used under a branded marquee in the event villages of marathons and 10k races all over the North of England. The bins, including branding, lasted the whole campaign which was 10 event days over a 3 month period. The use of the bins meant that the ‘cheer station’ they were based at was heavily branded and looked great with the Arla Protein artwork on the marquees and cutouts.

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