Product Sampling

Product Sampling


Since we started, over 10 years ago, product sampling has been by far the most popular service provided by EXECUTIONAL. So much so, that many of our customers see us as their own in house product sampling agency.

We have distributed hundreds and thousands of product samples to consumers across a range of target locations. You can understand it too, after all, who doesn’t like “free stuff”? But we feel there’s a huge amount more to it than that. Often the cornerstone to an experiential marketing campaign, sampling allows you to build brand awareness, recall and word of mouth sharing. It also fits beautifully with social media campaigns allowing the target audience to share their experience with your product or service.


Our Product Sampling Staff

As you may have read on our promo staff pages. We take care and attention when selecting, training and managing our product sampling staff. Each staff member would always have at least a Level 2 Food Safety Training. This ensures that they maintain a clean and safe work environment and manage food temperature and appearance closely through their working day. We operate across the UK, covering all major UK cities, meaning we will always have the right staff for your upcoming product sampling campaign.


It’s not an exhaustive list, as over the years we have sampled in all sorts of locations, even sampling on a ferry! But for ease, here are some of the more popular locations we have worked:


Matching train stations in the popularity stakes. Experiential car park sampling is literally just that. Engage, educate and drive purchases with shoppers as they arrive at their local supermarket.

   Shopping Centres

Perfect for targeting consumers already in a buying mood, alongside high footfall, weather friendly locations. Plus, depending on your product, they could be in very close proximity to point of purchase too!

   In Store

There isn’t a week that goes by when we don’t have someone working in-store, sampling products to members of the public. Try and buy has never been so true than in this setting. Helping to drive basket size at the point of purchase.

   Events & Shows

Events can be an intuitive way to reach a very specific type of audience. Either by organising an official partnership with the event itself or targeting visitors through tactical roaming sampling.


We’ve run some amazing office product sampling campaigns over the years. Very much based on the surprise and delight aspect of bringing something fun into the humdrum of a typical working day.

   City Centres

A hugely popular location engaging with many different demographics. Our promotional staff can be positioned on high footfall high street locations. As such, we can work with both tactical and fixed venue space sampling campaigns.


Chilled & Frozen
Products that need the continuity of cold storage from production to recipient. Chilled drinks, yoghurts, protein shakes and the like. However, we can also prepare products that are stored frozen such as ready meals, pizza and ice cream.
Something which does not require special storage or preparation. Think packaged food products, newspapers, magazines, fragrances – the items that can be distributed in volume without needing complex setup or equipment.
Cooked Food
We supply all of the equipment and consumables needed to prepare samples at your own food brand activation. Usually performed from a dedicated event space using a touring campaign kit such as a product sampling van or pop up event space.


We can help with much more than just brand ambassadors and for many of our clients having everything under one roof helps for a more seamless project:

Food Sampling Van


You’ve got the concept, a campaign visual (we can do those too by the way), but you now need the practical elements to bring the campaign to life. Fridges, cookers, sampling vans, storage, print, clothing etc. We’re used to buying or renting these types of things and have a network of trusted suppliers that we have worked with for over a decade. So, whatever, you think you need, we can help to advise along the way.


As much as it would make our life much easier, you cannot just turn up and start sampling. There is usually some red tape to navigate. Where needed EXECUTIONAL can help to source the venue or promotional space that the campaign requires. Be that an experiential pitch inside a train station, a council managed event space or a lucrative position inside a premium shopping centre. EXECUTIONAL can help as much or as little as needed. We can even organise roaming sampling permits for the major cities to remove the stress and headache of dealing with multiple different contacts across one project. So, before we start, let’s talk through how we can help to minimise the stress of your campaign.