We Are Product Sampling Experts

For over 10 years EXECUTIONAL has distributed thousands of product samples to consumers nationwide.

EXECUTIONAL is a leading agency in shaping customer buying decisions by delivering product sampling campaigns that directly reach your audience. Working across a range of locations, our staff focus on driving trial and increasing consumer awareness and knowledge about your brand, product or service.
We can provide product samplers across a multitude of locations across the UK, reaching your audience where they are most captive. We have extensive experience in planning and implementing nationwide product sampling campaigns complying with all local council rules and regulations. Alongside this, we can also support your campaign with logistics, storage and production of promotional assets.
Whether you are looking to reach consumers in-store at point of purchase, within shopping centres, commuter links, supermarkets or at sports and consumer events – get your product into the right hands today.

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Train Station Sampling

EXECUTIONAL offer two different approaches for train station product sampling campaigns. Both ultimately targeting the same audience but different in their execution, giving an opportunity to reach your audience in a unique way.

Shopping Centre Product Sampling

Looking to create a high impact shopping centre product sampling campaign? EXECUTIONAL are an experienced product sampling agency who create, implement and report on shopping centre product sampling campaigns across the country.

In Store Product Sampling

We provide fully managed in store product sampling campaigns within retail stores across the UK & Northern Ireland focused on shaping customer buying decisions in close proximity to purchase.

Tactical Product Sampling

Tactical product sampling is used when a client has a very specific target audience to reach. EXECUTIONAL tactically target this audience at specific locations to accurately sample products to the right demographic group. Tactical product sampling uses roaming teams who can pinpoint the target audience.

Office Product Sampling

Sample your products into offices with a business to business office product sampling campaign targeting office workers during their daily work. EXECUTIONAL can supply both tactical (cold visits) or static office (pre-arranged) product sampling activity within business locations.

Event Product Sampling

Event product sampling allows you to sample your product to large volumes of people from a single high footfall location. Similar to our city centre sampling there are two options for sampling, static and roaming event product sampling. We will advise on best event product sampling technique for your brand.

Supermarket Product Sampling

EXECUTIONAL have provided supermarket product sampling for a variety of customers, working both in-store and on supermarket car parks across the UK. Our campaigns really help your product stand out to customers and really drive sales, read more on how we can create your campaign.

Exhibition Product Sampling

Exhibition product sampling campaigns give massive exposure to highly specific target audiences. By targeting the correct exhibitions you can closely target a specific visitor group. At EXECUTIONAL we have experience from simple exhibition product sampling staff to bespoke multiple exhibition product sampling campaigns.

Sports Event Product Sampling

Sports event product sampling targets fans on their way to, during or leaving a sports event. It can also provide great branding opportunities too, by giving fans branded materials that they use during the game increasing brand recognition and visibility throughout the fixture.

City Centre Product Sampling

City centre product sampling not only allows your product to be sampled but raises visibility and brand awareness by indirectly reaching thousands of people. City centre product sampling can be seen in two ways, static or roaming either one or a combination of the two could be right for your brand.