EXECUTIONAL understand the need to have the right promotional staff to represent your brand. We take profiling promotional staff incredibly seriously and have invested heavily in our staff database to make sure you get the candidates you need.

We have the Promotional Staff you’re looking for…

At EXECUTIONAL we don’t believe that every promotional staff member is the same and can carry out any campaign. Some promotional staff will make great brand ambassadors but they wouldn’t make great event managers or team leaders. This is why we have invested heavily in having a state of the art database to allow for profiling promotional staff. This staffing database containing nationwide promotional staff lets us quickly narrow down the staff that will be right for the job. So we can provide handpicked and amazing staff quickly, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Profiling Promotional Staff: how does it work?

  • You Brief  Your Account Manager On What You Are Looking For

  • We Profile Promotional Staff Matched To Your Needs

  • We Evaluate Their Performance With EXECUTIONAL & The Industry

  • We Ensure Staff Meet Your Brand Guidelines

  • We Manage The Booking Process

Profiling Promotional Staff – What Do You Need?

Each campaign is different and we understand that a leaflet distribution campaign might require a promotional staff member, whereas a product demonstration may need specialist skills and a product launch needs brand ambassadors. When you speak to your account manager they will talk you through the profiling phase including the role, location, any special skills or certain looks required. This then allows our staff booking team to start profiling promotional staff and getting the right ones for the project.

Profiling Promotional Staff – Advance Profiles

On every campaign, we run we use our expertise to ensure the right person is on the activity and our clients trust our knowledge in profiling promotional staff to select the right ones for them. Though we understand in certain circumstances campaigns require specific types of promotional staff (be it a certain look or experience), and you/your client may want to select from relevant staff. Once we have discussed your needs and begun profiling promotional staff we can then put together advance profiles of the specific staff that are relevant to your booking.

Profiling Promotional Staff – On Brand & On Time

Once the promotional staff profiling has been completed EXECUTIONAL begin to concentrate on the promotional staff management; organising the briefings/training of the nationwide promotional staff. We will make sure the staff arrive on time and are fully up to speed ready for the promotion to start.