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We have a great pool of staff based in Brighton, familiar with working in all high footfall locations and tourist attractions. Our staff are experienced in all things promo from sampling and distribution to trade shows and exhibitions.

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   Event Staff

We have staff members who work regularly at corporate events, exhibitions and trade shows. Exhibition staff support clients in places like the Brighton Centre, representing different brands on a daily basis, promoting their brand to potential customers to generate interest and then handing them over to the client team to generate into a sale. Our corporate event staff take pride in being professional in both their attitude to work, and their visual appearances with a strong understanding of how important their presentation is to a brand.

   Product Sampling Staff

Our staff carry out product sampling shifts indoors, outdoors and at events, whether that be from sampling trays at the local supermarket, as a team using sampling bins on Brighton High Street or the annual Fringe Festival in a bespoke sampling van. Our staff have sampled everything from chilled and cooked food, to ambient goods such as alcohol and even sun cream. They are well equipped when it comes to reaching as many people as possible and ensuring they leave with the brand name in their mind.

   Staff for Experiential Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to experiential marketing campaigns, this is something many of our staff have heaps of experience with. Experiential events usually take place in busy, high footfall locations such as Brighton Railway Station, or even on the popular Brighton beach in the middle of the Summer. These campaigns would usually consist of a selection of team members. An event manager would oversee all aspects of the campaign including logistics and crisis management. A team leader would assist the event manager and work with brand ambassadors to ensure they are constantly switched on and engaged.

   In-store Product Demonstrators

You could find our product demonstration staff in stores, shopping centres, or anywhere with high footfall and plenty of dwell time for customers. They show passers-by how products such as blenders, tools or beauty products can be used in everyday life through demonstration, encouraging them to purchase at a later date, or even on the day if they are nearby a store that sells the product.

   Flyer Distribution

Brighton is known for being a key tourist location, with thousands of locals passing through to use the beaches, high streets and attend events constantly. Our distributors work in these locations, handing out free printed materials to the target audience of a brand and sparking conversations to encourage future sale or use of their products or services.

Other Nearby Locations

Most of our staff are based in the centre of Brighton, but are used to travelling further out to other nearby cities such as Crawley or Eastbourne and their surrounding areas. Our staff travel regularly for work so are used to jumping on trains and driving a few extra miles to work in other cities.

Becoming An EXECUTIONAL Staff Member

We’re a promotional agency that are always on the lookout for new stand-out staff members to join our always growing team. If you’re interested in hearing more about promotional work Brighton, check out our Staff Hub to find out more.




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