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With over 300 active staff members in the centre of Liverpool who work regularly at the local train stations, shopping centres and even at the Echo Arena doing everything from sampling and distribution to trade shows and exhibitions. Our staff are skilled in all areas of promo, we are sure to have the perfect staff members to match your brand and job requirements in our database of regular workers.

Promo Staff Liverpool

   Event Staff

Our dedicated staff members regularly work in the corporate events and exhibition sector.
Some of our staff work only in this sector and are supporting clients in places like the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, representing different brands every day.

Our exhibition staff take a professional approach to their jobs and understand the importance of representing our clients and their brands to the highest standard. Taking instructions from the existing client team, our event staff work towards securing new customers for clients through building a relationship with a potential customer on the stand, then handing them over to the client for more information to secure a sale.

   Product Sampling Staff

You would find our product sampling staff inside supermarkets and stores, or outdoors in high footfall locations around Liverpool. Whether they be sampling food, perfume, alcohol or dog food, our staff know how to leave customers wanting more from a brand. Our staff sample chilled, ambient and cooked goods, usually with the help of equipment such as sampling trays and bins for roaming sampling. Or even serving from a sampling van at festivals such as Creamfields.

   Staff for Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Our staff members are often working on experiential marketing campaigns. These campaigns are most likely to take place in locations with lots of passing traffic, such as Liverpool Central Station or Liverpool ONE. An experiential campaign usually needs a group of promotional staff. A team would typically consist of an event manager, team leader and a group of brand ambassadors, all working together to make the event a success.

   In-store Product Demonstrators

Our experienced product demonstrators really know how to make a product sell, ensuring customers leave with a great brand experience to increase sales of the product. Our demonstrators can be found in high footfall areas such as stores and supermarkets across the city of Liverpool, demonstrating the use of products from food blenders to vehicles.

   Flyer Distribution

Liverpool city centre is known for being a bustling hub for great events, with thousands of locals passing through every day of the week. Our distributors are often working in the city centre chatting to passers-by and promoting brands through conversation and distributing printed materials to give take-away information to those interested in a product or service.

Other Nearby Locations

Most of our staff are based in Liverpool City Centre, but are used to travelling further out to places in the North West such as Wigan, Southport, Warrington and their surrounding areas. Lots of our staff have become accustomed to travelling, so are able to navigate their way to work in these nearby towns and cities.

Becoming An EXECUTIONAL Staff Member

We’re a promotional agency that are always on the lookout for new stand-out staff members to join our always growing team. If you’re interested in hearing more about promotional work Liverpool, check out our Staff Hub to find out more.




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We operate across the entire UK and have staff in all major towns and cities from London to Aberdeen. If you are a staff member wanting to join our nationwide team, head over to our staff hub pages.

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