Promotional staff management is the basis for a successful promotional booking or campaign. EXECUTIONAL provide 24/7 support and management of our promotional staff for every single promotional marketing campaign we run. Read more to see how we do it.

Supporting campaigns from start to finish…

Promotional staff management starts with profiling promotional staff and choosing the right one(s) for your campaign. This is then followed by detailed training or briefing process and then making sure the promotional staff arrive at each shift on time and ready for work. EXECUTIONAL have years of experience in the booking and management of nationwide promotional staff, and this has provided a framework which we follow on each and every single promotional campaign.

Promotional Staff Management: how we do it…

  • Detailed Promotional Staff Selection Process

  • Comprehensive Briefing for All Brand Ambassadors

  • Reserves Allocated Against All Shifts

  • Day Before Final Confirmations & Checks

  • Pre Shift Check-ins 1.5 Before Shift

  • Staff Arrival Confirmation on Each Shift

Pre-Campaign Briefing, Training & Management

At EXECUTIONAL we offer a number of ways for briefing and training our promotional staff and believe this is an incredibly important part of the promotional staff management process. For every single campaign, we run we create a briefing pack that contains campaign specific client briefings (aims, meeting points, brand details, etc.). This briefing is then discussed with the promotional staff and our head office team before the campaign starts to ensure everything has been read and understand.

Though briefing packs are great, more complex campaigns may require more training (e.g. product demonstration campaigns) and where this is required EXECUTIONAL has the experience to organise and run promotional staff training be it face to face or through online training presentations.

Promotional Staff Management 

Before every campaign begins EXECUTIONAL run checks with our nationwide promotional staff to ensure they are ready to start. This begins at profiling promotional staff stage and continues until the day before each shift when our regional managers have a final pre-activity phone-call to check that all brand information, timings, dress codes and campaign requirements are fully digested. This part of the promotional staff management process provides a final check and time for any last minute questions and answers to be dealt with before the live shift.

When the shift does go live the promotional staff management continues and EXECUTIONAL are on hand 24/7 to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that staff arrive on time. On the day of each and every shift (no matter time or day), EXECUTIONAL run through a sign-in process with every promotional staff member working on a campaign. This process starts hours before the shift and ensures that EXECUTIONAL is on hand to ensure the success of the campaign.