We were tasked with providing nationwide staffing for Redrow Homes’ promotions, from large public and trade events to small school engagements demonstrating safety near their new housing developments.

The Brief:

Bring vitality to trade & public promotions through brand mascots Buster & Buddy

Redrow Homes - 5What We Did

  • Full staffing & 24/7 management catering to costume sizes & specific requirements such as DBS Clear
  • Hundreds of shifts fulfilled across over 3 years of staffing
  • Full nationwide coverage from Cambourne to the Lake District
  • Reserve staff allocation

Redrow Homes - 4Campaign Overview

Reaching a range of audiences at a variety of events to build awareness of local developments

As one of the largest British housebuilders, engaging with areas local to your developments through face to face engagement drives interest for potential customers, builds relationships with neighbouring residents and educates the area in general with how you will be affecting them as the development continues. With a passion for what they do, Redrow Homes engage personally with the areas they are developing in at county shows, schools, local festivals and events.

Always accompanying their marketing and customer sales team at each area are Buster and Buddy, their company mascots and ‘builder bears’, that add an element of vitality and interactivity – particularly for younger audiences.  For a number of years, we have been proud to provide staff to act as Buster & Buddy at a range of events across the UK.

Redrow Homes - 6