Store staff product training gives product knowledge to the people that speak to your target audience every day of the week. EXECUTIONAL creates and implements store staff product training and demonstration campaigns right across the UK.

Reinforce Learning Through Demonstration

Many times a product is sold to retailer buyers, but the information given at the top doesn’t filter down to the staff on the ground. These are the people that speak to your consumers every day, and it should be the store staff that know the product benefits and how your product works. Store staff product training campaigns allow this to happen and give the store staff product knowledge they can pass onto consumers.

Store Staff Product Training: what we do…

  • Evaluate & Select Nationwide Product Demo Locations

  • Select Experienced Product Demonstration Staff

  • Book Event Space Across The UK

  • Fully Train Product Demonstration Staff

  • Plan & Organise Logistical Considerations

  • Provide Detailed Online Activity Reports

  • No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

Planning Your Store Staff Product Training

With experience, we know that store staff will only have time to pass on key bits of information from any product demonstration they receive. This means planning needs to be put in place to ensure that the key elements are those that sell your product. EXECUTIONAL will take time to go over product information and ensure product demonstration staff are trained to pass on these key points to store staff.

Implementing Your Store Staff Product Training

The EXECUTIONAL head office is open day and night, 365 days a year, making sure that your store staff product training campaign is always running on time and on target. This includes having daily contact with product demo staff and utilising the careful planning and training to implement a great store staff product training campaign.

Reporting on Your Store Staff Product Training

Store staff are the people that sell your product every day and getting relevant feedback from them is very important. EXECUTIONAL create activity reports and feedback that are not only easy to read and easy to share, but bespoke to each campaign. This way once the campaign has finished you are left with feedback that can really help your product and company grow.