Before we dive into the details of what experiential vehicles and promotional equipment we can supply, a quick word on how we operate. Many of our customers are other agencies, agencies who may have overall responsibility for the overarching creative or narrative of the campaign.

For that reason, we are happy to work with supplied items such as stands, vehicles, branding, clothing or whatever the campaign requires.

How we like to work is to be able to recommend items which are within the overall creative brief and if we supply these items it gives us 100% control over their quality, timescale and daily management. This tends to make our customers lives easier too meaning there are not too many cooks in the supply chain kitchen as we know how hard it can be to get artwork signed off or approval on clothing etc. So, our really non-exhaustive list of what we can help with:

  • Experiential Vehicles – sampling vans, trailers, mobile event space. All of these can be off the shelf or completely bespoke and built around the needs of the campaign.
  • Equipment – sampling dump bins, usherette trays, jetpacks, ad bikes…
  • Clothing – branded jackets, t-shirts, jackets, caps, hats, bags…

So, if you would like help sourcing anything to do with your campaign, mention it and we will see if we can help. Or if it is in hand, we can help with storage and delivery to site.