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Product Demonstration Brand Awareness

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Experienced Sales Staff

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We create engaging product demonstration campaigns to drive sales and visibility of your products.

Our demonstrations take place across a wealth of locations; in store, out of store, within promotional spaces, shopping centres, within events and exhibitions. 

Why Choose Executional?

Product Demonstration Training


We can provide face to face staff training which provides all of the knowledge and product information. Alternatively staff can participate in web based training events.

And Don't Forget...

And Don't Forget...

There’s often more to a booking than just the product demonstrators. We can help with logistics, promotional spaces and branding.


All staff are fully briefed before any activity, with a sign in process beginning 2 hours prior. This means we keep a really close eye on attendance, punctuality, and performance.

Product Demonstration Activity Reporting

Activity Reporting

We provide bespoke activity reporting for all demonstration activity that includes photos and consumer and staff feedback.

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Whether you are looking for a one off demonstration or a multi location campaign; we look forward to speaking with you.

We Can Also Help With…

EXECUTIONAL can prepare and implement a range of logistical capabilities – whether you need your campaign to be on the road visiting a number of sites over a single or multi-day campaign, or simply delivering promotional materials and stands to staff to retail or non-retail locations. With our storage hubs based in Leeds and London we can organise deliveries of stock to locations across the country, and arrange the delivery of products directly to shows and events for product demonstrations.

Additional promotional engagement may be utilised effectively for product demonstrations. A great way to engage and convert interested browsers is through product-based prize incentives which can be conveyed through interaction, printed material or the branded demonstration stand. Along with driving members of the public over to the stand it can be used to increase visibility both in store, at the event or web traffic through social media or app based engagement and participation.

Product demonstrations provide an excellent opportunity for data capture as an additional aspect of activity. To compliment sales focused demonstration, data capture provides unabridged feedback from consumers – allowing you to evaluate not only the product demonstration and promotional engagement but the perception of the product in general. Using mobile devices to record it in bespoke feedback forms that can managed by another staff member or by the demonstrator.