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Debbie & Andrew’s

We provided staffing and additional services for Debbie & Andrew’s full-service experiential sampling campaign, which took place at a number of indoor and outdoor events, exhibitions and shows across the UK.

Campaign Overview

An extensive nationwide experiential roadshow reaching a range of audiences

Debbie and Andrews Case Study

This campaign allowed Debbie & Andrew’s to reach a range of audiences nationwide over a 6 month period through an experiential sampling roadshow. The activity was self-funding, with the sampling used to entice members of the public and attendees to purchase products at reduced promotional price points.

All logistics both ambient and chilled were managed by EXECUTIONAL, and our specialist installation staff prepared for each activation the day before – making sure that the sampling team could hit the ground running, with no unnecessary preparation days during live days. Alongside this, we had our event manager consistent across all live days, so that the roadshow could evolve based on staff feedback and experiences with professional chefs to prepare food and guarantee consistent quality samples.

What We Did

  • Provided a full-service sampling campaign including staff members, professional chefs and all sampling equipment
  • Management of chilled and ambient logistics
  • Managed all promotional space and event bookings
  • Provided all sales equipment & point of sale to allow retailing from the stand
  • Provided a detailed web-based reporting platform with sample & sales information, along with collated staff & public feedback




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