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We visited every Shell forecourt in the UK as part of Project Champions – making sure that customers received amazing customer service that reflected the new protective and performance properties of Shell V-Power through experiential event spaces which were transported and set up on every forecourt.

Campaign Overview

Reaching consumers during their daily commutes to create a magical customer service moment whilst actively promoting Shell V-Power

Shell Case Study

The aim of this activity was to find a way to communicate the performance points of Shell’s new Shell V-Power premium fuels – creating an activity that reflects its’ performance efficiency and ensuring protection within the safety confines of a forecourt. This posed a number of challenges, from where we could be positioned on the forecourt to the types of materials we could use for uniform and promotional items.

Instead of trying to push the envelope, we thought it best to stick with what is at the core of each consumer’s heart: outstanding customer service. Taking the lead from Shell’s Forecourt Service Champions that assist customers with their fuelling and other vehicle needs, we wanted to bolster their existing forecourt service capabilities by providing one of our Champions. Aside from assisting customers with their needs that day and driving sales of the new Shell V-Power, they worked in an advisory role to inform the site on how they should position the new premium fuel formulation to customers through anecdotes and simple simile’s.

What We Did

  • Organised two days face-to-face forecourt & vehicle safety training with both Shell & AA representatives
  • Fully managed a nationwide team of 35 staff with activity running 5 days a week from July-November
  • Created a cohesive promotional campaign as part of a multi-agency process that consistently engages consumers face-to-face & digitally
  • Created an engaging & sales uplifting campaign that operated within the safety confines of the forecourt
  • Engaged with thousands of Shell service staff nationwide to help them communicate the performance points easily




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