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We were tasked with providing a team for United Utilities bespoke experiential activation, educating members of the public on What Not to Flush – revealing their confessions on the strangest object they had ever flushed down the toilet, along with driving social media engagement through specific promotional areas.

Campaign Overview

An interactive brand activation to reach specific target audiences

United Utilities Case Study

We provided a team for a unique promotion: The Big Bog Diary Room. This original experiential space utilised humour to highlight the serious issue of the public flushing inappropriate items down the toilet, which causes millions of pounds in damages to United Utilities and taxpayers each year. Managing a ‘big-brother style’ diary room, where an actress asks for their privy confessions on camera – and for those, a bit camera shy a wall to share secrets.

Aside from this, the space was outfitted with a selfie seat complete with props to drive social media engagement and reinforce the #3PPromise. With an on-site event manager to control logistics and stock management, along with liaising with the client team and delivering live feedback to the staffing team throughout the day.

What We Did

  • All staffing and 24/7 management throughout the campaign
  • EXECUTIONAL event manager on-site to liaise with the client team and deliver live feedback
  • Provided custom branded clothing
  • Logistics and stock management for campaign duration
  • Provided a detailed web-based reporting platform with key distribution information and collated staff feedback




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